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Mary Maxie » Scottsdale Scene: bugs, bugs, everywhere

Scottsdale Scene: bugs, bugs, everywhere

Bugs, bugs everywhere– how not to sell a house in Arizona:
Mary’s funny Real Estate Stories: 3 houses, same subdivision, full of crawling bugs. My bug expert said they were either flying ants, or termites. In either case, couldn’t wait to get out. Funny part was when listing agent called to get feedback on the houses, WOULD NOT believe HER houses had bugs! Told me I must be mistaken, or that I didn’t have the right address of HER listings. I suggested that if she checked her listings once a week, she might see the bugs herself.
Same subdivision also had 2 houses, which were being treated for Africanized or Killer Bees! Would you want to show a house where the MLS listing said there were Killer Bees present? Neither would I. My bug expert says that 65% of bees they treat in Arizona nowadays are Africanized Killer Bee hybrids, as the original Killer bees have now mated with the regular bees.
The swarms love all the abandoned or bank owned houses, where they can live unmolested for months. They get inside the walls of houses, and you have to tear the drywall off, and sometimes the outside siding or stucco to get at the hives & honeycombs. Some banks just send in someone to smoke bomb the bees, which kills them, but leaves the hives/homeycombs intact. Other bees can smell the honey from up to 4 miles away, and new bees will just head on over and take over the hives/homeycombs left behind. To truly get rid of them you have to get rid of all traces of the hives.
And it’s cricket season here in Arizona. Mostly crickets are harmless. They don’t bite, birds like them for food, and a monthly spray of the house & yard keeps them down. But they do eat holes in clothing, just like moths. And if you’ve ever tried to get to sleep when one of them is ‘singing’ in your bedroom, they are very annoying!
We get lots of other kinds of bugs, but these are the ones I ran into this week!
Maxiemize Lifestyle in Arizona, but Minimize Bugs!

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