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Mary Maxie » Scottsdale Source: Save $200/year on doing laundry

Scottsdale Source: Save $200/year on doing laundry

Do your laundry for $200 less!

Stop hundreds of dollars from being washed away in your laundry room every year! Simply follow these super-easy tricks that’ll cut your energy bill, reduce water use and save you money—while still getting your clothes sparkling fresh and clean!

1. Save $100 a year by halving your detergent.
Surprise! Laundry detergent may help remove stains and scent your clothes, but it’s not the main reason they get clean. The actual cleaning is done by your washer’s agitator and by the clothes rubbing against each other, which loosens dirt. That’s why experts say you can use half the detergent and still get fresh, clean clothes.

2.Save $40 a year by using cool water.
It’s a fact: Warm water doesn’t make clothes any cleaner than cool water. But there is a big difference when it comes to our energy bill—around 90% of the energy used by your washer goes to heat the water! Skip the heat, and you’ll snag cool savings.

3. Save $30 a year with full loads.
The average home uses 3,400 fewer gallons of water a year when they wash full loads instead of smaller ones, says the U.S. Department of Energy.

4.Save $40 a year by cleaning the lint.
Cleaning the lint trap after every use reduces your electric bill by cutting 15 minutes off your dryer time! This improves air circulation so your clothes are exposed to more heat, making them dry faster.


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