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Mary Maxie » Arizona Short Sale Points to Ponder

Arizona Short Sale Points to Ponder

Arizona Short Sale Points To Ponder

Have you ever thought about a short sale on your home? Are you underwater but still managing to make your payments every month? Or maybe you have no idea what to do do next, & have had to stop making mortgage payments?

I’d be happy to sit down and explain a few things to you, and help you make the life-changing decision you will eventually have to face if you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions.

I can give you information on the newest plans for folks such as you from banks, government and real estate buyers and investors. The only thing that remains constant is change, and as your real estate professional, I spend many hours each week in contact with bankers, investors, and short sale lawyers, accountants and other advisors to keep up to the minute on what’s happening in the marketplace. It changes almost daily, wo what you thought last week, or read in last week’s media may not be valid this week or next week.

Let’s talk about the following:
1. Avoiding foreclosure & the future problems that foreclosure can cause
2. Find out about forgiveness of deficiency
3. In many cases, dings to your credit score can be avoided or minimized
4. Yes, you can begin to rebuild your real estate assets immediately
5. After a short sale, there are non-traditional financing options available
6. Cash for keys from the bank
7. Sooner is better than later to deal with underwater housing
8. Short sales usually bring a higher value than a foreclosure
9. Laws continue to change, very quickly and very often, so stay up to date

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