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Mary Maxie » Phoenix real estate news & interesting sites

Phoenix real estate news & interesting sites

Phoenix real estate news & interesting sites

Cashing in on rental property – For the rental market, demand is up and rents are rising.  As with many investments, the best time to get in is when most others are sitting on the sidelines.  Many factors make this a great time to invest.  Mortgage rates are at a 40-year low, and homes in many areas are ultra-cheap.  Meanwhile, demand for rentals has risen in more than 500 cities, according to recent Census data.  That, in turn, has enabled landlords to charge more., a real estate research firm, reports that rents nationwide jumped 11.6% in 2010, to $1,320 a month.  Read article:


MapQuest Versatility: MapQuest allows users of various other online communities to log
in. Once logged in, you can start setting flags to show where you’ve visited. You can also
add notes to those locations. Once you’ve customized and saved your map, it’s time to share
it. You can email it, text it, post it on Facebook or your website. Mapquest also sends maps
directly to your OnStar or SYNC-enabled automobile. MapQuest also has a mobile app for
Android, iPhone and Blackberry smartphones. This is especially welcomed if you’re hiking
or traveling with the little ones.


Do Your Home Inventory:  Most insurance companies recommend doing a home inventory.
Knowing the value of your items gets you the correct payout. It also speeds up the process
considerably. That’s where StuffSafe comes in. This free site lets you create an online home
inventory. You can catalog possession by room, enter serial numbers, and upload photos.  


Even better, it can be accessed from anywhere. Your list won’t be lost in a disaster. You can
also download the list and create hard copies.


Food Lifespans: At StillTasty, you can learn more about food safety. Learn the difference
between “sell by,” “best before” and “expires on” dates. There is also a large database of
foods. Find out how long something will keep in your fridge or freezer. There are also tips
for extending food lifespans.


College Packing List: When moving off to college, you have to pack your entire life.  

This site has categorized lists of the things you’ll need to take. And if there’s something
you need to buy for your dorm, it has shopping tools, too! College Packing List breaks

down items into categories. That way it’s easy to find an item to see if it’s checked off to

make sure you don’t forget them. You can easily save or print your list for later use. You

can also share it on Facebook.


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FREE Tips on Home staging your house for better showings

FREE Tips for First Time Home Buyers

FREE Tips for First Time Home Sellers

FREE The 10 Things Most Often Cited on Home Inspections

FREE Info on 180 day rule for foreign home buyers

FREE Info on FIRPTA Rules for foreign investors

FREE Info on what Canadian buyers of Arizona Real Estate need to know.

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FREE info on Great Canadian Picnic, & Canada Cup Golf Tournament

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