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Mary Maxie » Phoenix File: List your home with an internet professional

Phoenix File: List your home with an internet professional


Phoenix File: List your home with an internet professional

Don’t be afraid to list and sell your home. The interest rates have dropped and buyers have even more reason to buy a home. It is the time to sell if you want to relocate or move to a bigger or smaller home. Many people still are working, have money, and good credit to buy your home. People are still wanting to move here becasue of the house prices, the weather, the amenities. The inventory of homes to sell is very low, and as long as your house is priced properly, it will sell. The houses which are not distressed, (that is, bank owned or short sales) always sell first, but the price has to compete with the distressed sales in your neighborhood.

However, Sellers, you must really WANT to sell. I hear “I’ll sell if I get my price” hundreds of times. I have attended listing appointments where the freeway noise deafened, where the yard looked like Mother Nature had a bad hair day, where the fact that a homeowner ran out of paint and never matched the rest made Andy Warhol’s paintings look tame and were a litter box looked like Mt Everest.

Your price is determined by the market in YOUR area, location, curb appeal, cleanliness, maintenance, & staging of yard and home. Also smells, colors, pets, and the ability of agents to show your home when a buyer wants to view it all have an effect on price. And unfortunately, foreclosures and short sales have a detrimental effect on prices in the area. If you don’t allow a sign, flyers and a lockbox, you are missing major marketing tools. Also, choose a listing realtor who is internet savvy and can market your property effectively on a variety of websites. Nearly 80% of buyers now begin their search on the internet.

When you invite an agent to your home to talk about selling, they will show you different sets of facts & figures to come up with a market price, & then walk you through to consider your home’s interior & exterior, making recommendations to make your home more saleable, or ask you to lower your price. If you don’t believe an agent’s pricing, get an appraisal.

WHAT DO BUYERS LOOKING AT YOUR HOME ALREADY KNOW?When agents represent buyers, the buyers receive a market analysis of the homes they are interested in, plus they know all the other homes available, pending sales, recently sold homes in the area of your location. They know what your home is worth via all the information sources that buyer’s agents have. If the buyer is financing the purchase, the offer is subject to appraisal, so hoping to get thousands more for that built-in BBQ, boulder waterfall or custom faux paint will not work in 98% of cases. Also remember that a Buyer’s Agent is just that, they represent the buyer, (not you). Be nice to them, they’ll likely sell your house for you.


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