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Mary Maxie » Phoenix Real Estate News: Mold is a Maintainance Issue

Phoenix Real Estate News: Mold is a Maintainance Issue


Phoenix Real Estate news: Mold is a Maintenance Issue

Make sure your home doesn’t become a haven for mold. Look around your house and see if any of these potential mold problems exist arund your home, and fix them before they turn into a helath hazard for your family and require an expensive ‘fix’.
1. Turn outside aprinkler heads so that they do NOT spray against the exterior of your home. Over time, water will seep through stucco or block and into the wall system
2. Buy a new water heater at the reommended life limt of your current one. Water heaters rust, leak and may burst. It is easier to buy a new one BEFORE you have potentially moldy situation or a flood.
3. There are two kinds of reverse osmosis units: those that have leaked and those that will. If y ou have one, check it regularly.
4. A bucket under the sink is NOT a fix. It is a band-aid solution. The cause of the leakmust be remedied Sometimes the cost of a plumber is worth it.
5. Do not put wallpaper in bathrooms. Humidity can be high and mold loves the glue.
6. Do install a good exhaust fan in your bathroom. Small fans or open windows are not enough to exit the steam from the room

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